Founded in 1994, NetTuner Corp. is a diversified web development company headquartered in Tampa, FL. We are one of the early adapters of the direct navigation traffic model which uses generic domain names to generate targeted web traffic through browser type-ins. Owning perpetual traffic instead of relying on third party links reduces customer acquisition costs, and enables us to be more competitive in the markets we serve. Some of our holdings include: - web host and domain registrar - video search engine - low cost shared SSL - insurance search engine - debt relief program - free file storage and email [in development] - travel search engine [in development] - online ticket seller [in development] - reputation management [in development] - wiki of historic events by year [in development]

If you have a domain name which consistently gets over 100 unique visitors per day from random browser type-ins, and you would like to turn it into cash, we want to hear from you! We generally do not request to see stats, and send a bank wire or cashier's check for the full purchase price directly to you within 48 hours of your acceptance of our offer. The domain transfer is initiated after receipt of funds is confirmed.

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